Social responsibility and sustainability

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NCP feels a great responsibility in promoting sustainable production and circular economy through the usage of the local resources and reusing waste.


For NCP it all started through a research-based study in May 2017. NCP used Sintef Raufoss Manufacturing, as a partner to investigate how various types of plastic waste, from the fishing industry, can be recycled and used in ordinary production. NCP has since then invested in new production equipment for injection molding, where recycling of plastic and the circular economy was given great focus.

With great collaborations, we continue to investigate and create products that help to reduce the carbon footprint from our production.


From waste to a valuable resource

Only 9% of the world’s total plastic waste is recycled, we are therefore committed to using this material and its endless possibilities for developing new sustainable products.

Together with Snøhetta, we developed a chair, S-1500, made from 100% recycled plastic and a subframe made from recycled steel. By eliminating the need to use new raw material in the production, the chair has obtained a carbon footprint which is one of the lowest in the market.


En viktig ambisjon under dette prosjektet var å forandre publikums holdning til brukt plast, fra å betrakte det som avfall for å se det som en verdifull ressurs som skal utnyttes på nye måter når den har tjent sitt opprinnelige formål.


Rethink, reuse - and recycle

NCP has more than 70 years of experience in the market but has committed into changing the production into a greener and environmentally aware profile, with a focus on the life cycle of materials and products.

Waste can indeed generate endless possibilities for developing new sustainable products, and we see it as our mission and purpose to do so when we design and manufacture furniture and products, now and in the future.